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10 Revolution´┐Ż
requires a Veterinarian's Prescription
Revolution® for Cats

Revolution® for Cats

Revolution® is the first-ever FDA-approved, topically applied medication for cats that jills adult fleas and prevents flea eggs from hatching, prevents heartworm disease, treats and controls ear mites, roundworms and hookworms
3 months supply for kittens
up to 5 lbs. Qty:
3 $36.99
3 months supply for sm.cats
5 to 15lbs. Qty:
3 $42.99
6 months supply for small cats
5 to 15lbs Qty:
6 $81.99
3 months supply for lg cats
15 to 22lbs Qty:
3 $43.99
6 months supply for large cats
15 to 22lbs Qty:
6 $84.99